Kamen Rider Styler pitch

Kamen Rider Styler is an original superhero made to fit into the Kamen Rider series of live action Japanese superheroes. While it (currently) does not feature anything that ties it into that series apart from the title, I like it being a Kamen Rider thing. It is what it is, and I'm not ashamed of that.

Everything below is established and won't be changed, it merely serves as a presentation of what I'm doing.

Kamen Rider Styler focuses on a lackadaisical artist named Maruko Gakumi. When an alien group referred to as the Bioran become stranded in modern day Japan, an organization who previously fought them off 100 years into the future sends their Rider gear to the past, and Maruko happens to become its new user. He now must overcome his flaws and fortify his beliefs as an artist, and as a Rider. Jo Nakata, the former user of this Rider gear, has joined him as a mentor since his body was strained during the time travel.

The above is told within the first two chapters. The story is episodic, with each chapter focusing on a different monster, and an overarching story regarding the mystery of the Bioran and how Maruko will grow into the hero role. The first/current story arc focuses on Jo training (mostly off-screen) with Maruko so that he can regain his own strength and also make Maruko into more of a competent hero.

With most every fight, Maruko applies his experience as an artist to combat:

Chapter 2: "We artists… are pretty hard on ourselves sometimes. By nature, we're more critical of our efforts than we should be. But every good artist needs someone to tell them otherwise - to cheer them on and drown out that criticism when they need it the most!"

Chapter 4: "Being afraid doesn't give me an excuse to stop trying! You have to keep moving forward - that's what I'll do as an artist, and as a Rider!"

Chapter 6: "I'm not like him - maybe I'll never be - but I've never been one for competition. It's all about doing things at your own pace and never giving up. That's what I'll do as an artist… and as a Rider!"

I want it to serve as a sort of message to aspiring artists.


Kamen Rider Styler:

Styler is an art-themed hero, specifically digital art. His default form is the futuristic Blanc Canvas - the Stylus Driver (the sentient arm brace he uses to operate the suit) can control parts of his body briefly to give him quick reflexes and make up for his lack of combat experience. Later on, he obtains the fantasy form Prime Canvas which gives him super strength, and the supernatural form Sec Canvas which can warp short distances - these forms are based on color theory, primary colors and secondary colors. He also uses weapons based on tools used in art programs. His forms and gear are summoned using SD card-like objects called Chip Tech.


Maruko Gakumi:

Protagonist. Speaks his mind without thinking, usually rude but isn't really a bad person. Though I don't plan to reveal much about him soon, there is a personal reason why he lacks motivation. As a hero, he's fighting off his flaws to try and protect people since he's given the responsibility to do so. Keeps a duffle bag of art supplies on hand, which he now also uses to store the Stylus Driver.


Jo Nakata:

A sort of mentor to Maruko. He is blunt, often to the point of seeming disinterested in friendship, but it's a flaw he soon becomes aware of and tries to change. He had military-style training to become a Rider, so even while he's recovering, he is an extraordinary person. Technology has evolved in 100 years, but the culture is similar enough he can fit in.



The AI behind the Stylus Driver, which speaks in a plain voice. Although acting without emotions, it has purpose as a guide. Due to it being from the far future, it has a wide variety of functions, such as scanning the internet for strange monster activity being discussed, or displaying a map on Styler's visor to guide him to a particular location.


Natsuki Kanka:

A childhood friend of Maruko, who lives with him in a small town. She's very friendly, and Maruko even thinks of her as a strong woman, but he knows when she's pretending to be nice. She does not play a big role, apart from being a person Maruko and Jo keep in the dark about what they do when they aren't at home.



A character with not a whole lot of screentime as of yet. He is a self proclaimed "stylish photographer" who apparently runs a blog about uncovering the truth. He shows an interest in Styler, but on their first encounter, he offers to keep the hero's presence a secret in return for a good photo of one of the monsters - which should tell all about his personality.



The monsters. These three are the leaders of the otherwise disposable monsters: The brute Arif (temporarily in a healing state), the scientist Sapuy, and the female strategist Oteela. They became stranded here in the past, and while they initially use their disposable hatchlings to search for resources to repair the ship, Sapuy focuses his full attention on Styler so that they can be rid of him. Each of the disposable monsters are based on alien sightings, such as the Flatwoods Monster or the concept of Reptilians, each possessing a special power.

The plan

Currently a schedule is still up in the air, but the fact that a written story is being released monthly does mean I don't have to be committed to a strict schedule - it's added visuals to something that's readily available to read in a novel format. Comparable to a manga with an anime adaption that comes and goes.

Speaking of, this would be done in a "manga" style without color. I'm going to get the hang of Manga Studio to do all the heavy lifting of panels and dialogue. At the very least, I want to do the first two chapters (which serve as the introduction) and see how I feel after that.

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