Toy Reviews


Those robots what change shape.

09/11/2012 Legends class Beachcomber
12/16/2012 Scout class Wipe-Out
09/05/2012 Deluxe class Jazz
05/29/2015 Voyager class Brainstorm
06/09/2015 Deluxe class Crosscut
06/29/2015 Legends class Tailgate
07/16/2015 Legends class Swerve
12/19/2015 Legends class Cosmos
09/07/2012 Cyberverse Commander class Ironhide
09/16/2012 Deluxe class Knock Out
12/16/2012 Deluxe class Vehicon
02/18/2013 Deluxe class Bumblebee
03/07/2013 Gacha Arms Micron volume 2
01/04/2017 Legion class Rot Gut
Robots In Disguise
12/17/2015 Warrior class Strongarm
Combiner Wars
06/29/2015 Deluxe class Offroad
07/17/2015 Deluxe class Breakdown
03/28/2016 Deluxe class Blast Off
06/29/2016 Voyager class Onslaught
01/02/2017 Deluxe class Groove
07/31/2017 Voyager class Scattershot
Titans Return
07/18/2016 Deluxe class Blurr
01/06/2017 Legends class Wheelie
01/14/2017 Legends class Rewind
01/18/2017 Deluxe class Chromedome
03/02/2017 Titan Master Apeface
05/27/2017 Voyager class Broadside
05/29/2017 Titan Master Nightbeat
06/13/2017 Deluxe class Krok
08/12/2017 Legends class Bumblebee
08/25/2017 Deluxe class Windblade
Power Of The Primes
12/09/2017 Deluxe class Jazz
The Last Knight
05/17/2017 Deluxe class Barricade
Transformers Collectors' Club
12/24/2013 Deluxe class Circuit
12/23/2014 Deluxe class Jackpot
10/03/2012 Fakebusker83: Smashmaster Seismus
03/07/2013 iGear: Shafter
04/08/2015 Impossible Toys: Nightbird
06/02/2017 Insane Designs: Detective Adapter
12/15/2017 Huge Extremely

Kamen Rider

Those bugmen what kick things.

Kamen Rider Blade
01/09/2017 GD-65 Kamen Rider Blade
Kamen Rider Hibiki
01/03/2015 GD-84 Kamen Rider Ibuki
Kamen Rider Kiva
10/28/2015 GE-33 Kamen Rider Kiva
Kamen Rider W
04/26/2014 Gashapon Xtreme/New Den-O Gaia Memories
Kamen Rider Wizard
03/07/2013 Candy toy Plamonster series
01/06/2015 WAP! 01 Kamen Rider Wizard
Kamen Rider Gaim
01/04/2014 Gashapon Matsubokkuri Lockseed
04/28/2014 Gashapon Kiwi Lockseed
08/25/2014 AC05 Kamen Rider Zangetsu
09/27/2014 AC01 Kamen Rider Gaim / AC02 Kamen Rider Baron
12/31/2014 AC03 Kamen Rider Ryugen
08/08/2015 AC07/LV03 Kamen Rider Gridon & Dande Liner
07/13/2016 ACSP Kamen Rider Gaim (Drive Arms)
Kamen Rider Drive
01/12/2015 TK-01 Kamen Rider Drive
07/13/2016 TK-10 Kamen Rider Chaser
01/11/2017 TK-04 Tire Set 2nd
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
06/02/2017 Gashapon Mighty Brothers XX Gashats
08/26/2017 LVUR01 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
08/28/2017 LVUR02 Kamen Rider Brave
09/09/2017 LVUR06 Beat Gamer
09/16/2017 LVUR07 Kamen Rider Lazer
09/26/2017 LVUR03 Kamen Rider Snipe
09/30/2017 LVUR04 Kamen Rider Genm
10/07/2017 LVUR08 Sports Gamer & Chambara Gamer
10/14/2017 LVUR10 Hunter Gamer
10/21/2017 LVUR15 Fantasy Gamer
Kamen Rider Build
10/28/2017 Kamen Rider Build: Remix Riders 01
SH Figuarts
03/07/2013 Kamen Rider Raia
01/15/2015 Kamen Rider Fourze Module Set 03
01/01/2016 ~ShinkocchouSeihou~: Kamen Rider Agito
01/30/2017 Kamen Rider Ghost (Ore Damashii)
02/11/2017 Kamen Rider Fourze Module Set 01
07/09/2017 Kamen Rider No.1
11/15/2017 Kamen Rider OOO (TaToBa Combo)
10/10/2015 Kamen Rider Siren


Those reviews what focus on things that I don't review enough to make a category for.

10/19/2012 SH Figuarts Shinken Red
11/10/2012 Gashapon Drossel
12/19/2013 Doctor Who Series 6: Cybermats
09/29/2015 Madan Senki Ryukendo: Action Hero-Pro R-FA01 Ryukendo
12/18/2016 Marvel Legends: Spider-Gwen
02/25/2017 Doctor Who: 11th Doctor and Electronic Sonic Screwdriver
07/10/2017 SH Figuarts Ant-Man

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