I enjoy a lot of stuff. Here's some things I wanna share.

As a heads up, these are literally things that I'm sharing on my own, not because anyone asked me to. So don't get any ideas about free publicity.

Podcasts are what I use to get through the day, either in place of music or as something to pass the time when I draw. The phrase "On this podcast I listen to," is something I also often start a sentence with, so it makes sense to cover the big ones I always go back to. They're listed here in order of when I've taken interest in them.



Kanzenshuu (formally known as Daizenshuu EX) is one of the classic Dragon Ball fansites from the 90s-2000s of internet fandom. Daizenshuu EX eventually merged with fellow fansite Kanzentai since they were close friends and did a lot of similar news coverage as is.

The site started a podcast in 2005 and while they're pretty busy these days, it still continues. They cover news, review new releases, and occasionally do a retrospective on certain aspects of the series. They lean heavily towards the Japanese version, so if you're hardcore nostalgic for the English dub, it may be hard to get to used to, but they're quite informative.


[Podcast page of TFW2005]

The podcast for the Transformers World 2005 forum and news site. Featured in this show is big notable Transformers developments, favorite articles from the front page, listener questions and Transformers (or non-Transformers) purchases they made that week. With the exception of the host, they have a specific cast of co-hosts for odd number episodes and even number episodes. Lots of fun banter to be had.

You Look Nice Today


A podcast that is no longer active. This comedy show stars three hosts - Merlin Mann, Scott Simpson and Adam Lisagor - who improv conversations. While they frequently discuss childhood experiences and early parenthood stories, their main goal is to pursue fake business opportunities. Have fun figuring out what parts are real and what parts are improv!

Talk Radio Meltdown


TRM is an online radio show based out of Boston. Essentially, a group of friends get together and talk about stupid news and internet goings-on. Usually they steer away from politics or sports when they can, but they're unfiltered in all other subjects. It's an explicit podcast with few rules attached. They're also no strangers to doing live shows - check their website to see when they will be live.

StarTalk Radio


Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and director of the Hayden Planetarium, hosts a podcast where he talks about various types of science, usually focusing on space and a desire to know more about it. A very educational podcast, but with a lot of charm and humor - he makes it fun to learn. Tyson also frequently has comedians as co-hosts to bounce off of, and occasionally has other science enthusiasts on board, like Bill Nye. Definitely worth a listen if you take an interest in space, or science in general.

Do By Friday


A podcast featuring Merlin Mann from You Look Nice Today. As a small warning to those it affects, politics come up in conversation in the form of rants/mockery pretty often.

This is a podcast where the three hosts do some sort of weekly challenge decided upon in the preceeding episode, which could be anything from ordering wacky gifts for each other on Amazon to taking a moment each day to meditate. They then share their experience in doing it successfully/unsuccessfully in the following episode. A lot of tech talk comes up due to them all being big tech geeks and supporters of Apple.

Rider Love


A Kamen Rider podcast that keeps up with current news in the series, as well as discussions about the latest episode of the current show. Seems like a lot of fun and chill talk about Japanese superheroes.

What Should We Draw?


A podcast hosted by Caldwell and Nathan of the Drawfee art group (who have a YouTube channel I'm a big fan of). The podcast, usually featuring some kind of guest, is just a general hang-out-and-chat kind of show where they go all over the place with wacky scenarios they could potentially draw, then post the finished art. It reminds me a lot of the now defunct You Look Nice Today, but with more drawing!


[YouTube playlist]

A podcast made for the YouTube channel SuperMega, which stars Matt and Ryan. They do Let's Plays, but their first love in the YouTube world is comedy skits. The podcast is more often than not a place for them to have regular conversation that jumps from one topic to another. Eventually, they also became editors for the Game Grumps channel, meaning they now record the podcast in the office and have guests on the show more often.

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