Art Commissions

Art commissions are currently closed. Here's a list of my prices for when I DO take them, however.

I'll also say here: I'm not going to be designing anything, so be sure to have a design ready.

Chibi: $5-7

These are quick and simple, and can be colored if requested but the color scheme will be simplified if it's not already simple.

Sketches: $8-13

These may be rough in the examples but they'll be nicer for sake of commissions. They'll still be quick and simplistic, though. Full body stuff is possible.

Colored sketches: $14-17

These involve a simple coloring style using various shades of the color used for the lines. Much like regular sketches, these are quick and simple.

Icons: $14-17

Icons are drawn at a larger scale then shrunken down. Due to their simplicity I can color and even shade these.

Basic color: $18-24

Kind of like color sketches but with guaranteed smooth lineart and color! Basic background (using colors) will be provided.

Full color: $25-35

Inked, colored and shaded - the whole package. Basic background (using colors) will be provided.

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