Art Commissions


In summary, art commissions are when you pay an artist to do art. Prices differ from one person to another, but I'd like to think my prices are a bit lower than other more talented artists out there.

You can contact me for commissions at moc.liamg|tra.sinulam#moc.liamg|tra.sinulam - it is to be used solely for commissions, so please use it accordingly. Also be sure to read details below first.

There's a lot of text about the process and stuff, but if you want a quick version:

  • Payment is only available via Paypal and buying from an Amazon wishlist. No virtual currencies.
  • Refunds available but the money will be split based on how much work has already been done (see details in "Payment").
  • Only commission if you are old enough to spend money without the approval of a parental guardian.
  • There is a queue for the commissions I'm working on, you will be notified when I get to yours.
  • Can design things for you, it'll just cost a few bucks extra.
  • There's different commission styles with price ranges that vary depending on complexity. If there's any other commission type you want that isn't listed, I can work out a price.

Current commissions

When I've got commissions to do, they'll be listed here - names are not included, just progress and commission types. If there are commissions in this queue, it doesn't mean you can't commission me right now, it just means you might have to wait for me to get to yours. I will notify you when I'm about to work on yours or have made initial progress.


The payment process can go one of two ways: PayPal, or Amazon. You'd need an account in order to use either service, but they are both free to sign up for.

PayPal is basically a virtual wallet. You connect it to a credit card and/or bank account in order to put money into it. Once we've worked out details and the price, I'll link you to the payment page. Once I receive a confirmation from PayPal that I've received your payment, our deal has been made.

Amazon is an online shop, which you will need a credit card to use. Once we've worked out details and the price, I'll link you to a wishlist with something that is equivalent to the price of the commission, and you can order it by doing this. Once I see that the item has been removed from the wishlist, which confirms that it's been purchased, our deal has been made.

I've done plenty of commissions with Amazon and found that some people feel safer doing that than giving such information to PayPal, whereas others prefer the simplicity of using PayPal over a shop. So it makes sense to me to offer both. I have no current interest in other alternate payment methods, including (but not limited to) points and cryptocurrency.

When it comes to refunds, I feel that it's only fair if I keep a certain amount of money based on how much work has already been put into the commission. For example, if you choose to get a refund when I've only completed the initial sketch, then you'll be refunded all but the price of a sketch. Please don't take it personally - it prevents scammers who attempt to get free art, and it's a rule I'll need to enforce for everyone. It is assumed you are aware of these terms when a deal is made, so I'd appreciate if you didn't start a fight over it.

Also, if you are not old enough to spend money on your own, I will have to decline since I feel uncomfortable getting parental guardians involved. There have been cases where people have had to back out because their parents would not let them spend money like this, and it puts all of us in an awkward situation, especially if I've made the attempt to prepare for a commission only to have this come up.


Once the deal has been made, I don't typically immediately work on the commission, though I do take a moment to gather appropriate information/references into a folder for future reference. Sometimes art just doesn't come to me, but I do try to work on these when I am feeling motivated. Also, once the deal is made, I'll let you know if there's a queue.

If you're going for something that is inked, I'll run the sketch by you in order to make sure that everything is fine before I proceed to work on it some more. Same goes for when I finish inking, when I finish colors, and so on.

If what you're looking for is an original design, we can work something out. It'll be like a few bucks tacked onto the commission price, since designing stuff takes more time than just drawing an existing design. It really helps if you have a good idea of what you want and can also offer any kind of visual reference when possible. Also, if all you want is fanart, or even something involving my characters, just ask if you're unsure of how I feel.

Below are my prices. They are presented in a range, with a lowest price and highest price, based on how much work will go into it. Please keep that in mind when we're discussing details and price. Oh and I'm using US Dollars (USD) for the prices.

Also feel free to ask if there's a type of commission I can do that isn't covered here. If you want a comic, however, I'm only going to do a page and it'll be limited to 2-3 panels and that will add to the price. Keep in mind that a comic involves drawing multiple things in each panel.

Sketch: 5-13 USD

Priced anywhere between 5 to 13 USD based on complexity. Additional characters add 1 USD to the overall price.

These are the cheapest I have to offer. Sometimes, I like to add some kind of single color in there based on the color I'm using for the outline, especially if dark colors are involved. Feel free to request that if you explicitly want it, and also clarify what color you'd want the sketch in if possible. Otherwise I'll just pick whatever feels right.

Color Sketch: 14-17 USD

Priced anywhere between 14 to 17 USD based on complexity. Additional characters add 2 USD to the overall price.

I'm all over the place with these in the examples for this one, but basically… using the same logic from the above image, it involves adding a colored background and multiple shades of the one color. Shading may also be involved. We can work out details.

Flat Color: 18-24 USD

Priced anywhere between 18 to 24 USD based on complexity. Additional characters add 3 USD to the overall price, with complexity bumping it up further.

If you're looking for something nicer than sketches, these will involve inking (so, smooth black outlines) and color, but nothing beyond that. Good for character models and references. Transparent backgrounds are doable, and even some basic airbrushed kind of background. These tend to be things I decide on the spot. Once again, feel free to specify.

Full Color: 25-35 USD

Priced anywhere between 25 to 35 USD based on complexity. Additional characters add 3 USD to the overall price, with complexity bumping it up further.

Inked, colored and shaded - the whole package. Basic background (using colors) will be provided. These are usually what people go for when commissioning me.

Gaia Memory: 15-25 USD

Priced anywhere between 15 to 25 USD based on type. See description below.

The transformation items of Kamen Rider W! There are three types involved:

  • Regular Gaia Memories (Silver, gold or T2), which will involve designing an emblem for it, unless you have one ready to go I can apply. The latter applies to Bio00's commission in the third example. These cost 15.
  • Legend Rider Memories, which involves a Rider portrait with their full name, or their emblem with a shorthand name. The former will cost 20, while the latter is 15 USD. You can get both together for 25 USD.
  • Dopant Memories, which come in any of the colors provided. These cost 15 USD.

Ghost Eyecon: 7-15 USD

Priced anywhere between 7 to 15 USD based on complexity. See description below.

The transformation items of Kamen Rider Ghost! There are three types but they only need to be separated into two categories:

  • Transformation Eyecons and heroic Eyecons are based on Ghost setting Riders and historical figures, respectively. If you just want the Eyecon on its own, that'll be 7 USD. If you also want alternate irises for the designation, the face design, and the finisher graphic, that'll be anything from 10 USD to 15 USD based on how complex it is. It helps if you have a design already made that I can finalize for you.
  • Heroic Eyecons, which involves the same prices above. The only addition is the color of the white part of the Eyecon, which is changed at no extra cost.

Fullbottle: 9-25 USD

Priced anywhere between 8 to 25 USD based on type. See description below.

The transformation items of Kamen Rider Build! These are priced based on what you get:

  • It's 8 USD for a single Fullbottle, but if you want a pair, for those who want a Best Match, they'll be 15 USD. We can work out the price of additional Fullbottles.
  • Legend Rider Fullbottles, which involve a monochrome character with colored background, will be going for 15 USD apiece, but are 25 USD as a pair. We can work out the price of additional Fullbottles.

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