I draw things. Here's a history of that subject.

To preface: I am not an artist with an educational background. I've never taken an official lesson, mainly just self-taught or taught things by friends.

I've been doodling for as long as I can form memories. In my early teens I was also one of those guys who tried to make poor replications of official art - but you've never seen that. It wasn't until I started socializing online that I started to share my art, and by then I was making original things - not good things, but original things.

From 2005 to about 2010, I used a variety of things but mainly drew on paper then scanned it. There was an occasional use of an image editor (PhotoSuite way back when, GIMP much later) to color and sometimes ink. I also had access to Macromedia Flash which I used to make what I considered to be my cleanest art, using the line tool over a thing I drew on paper. I had a tablet but never used it since I couldn't get the hang of it.

About in 2008-2009, I was inspired by the works of Derrick Wyatt (who was working on Transformers Animated at the time) and decided to base my own art style off of what I liked about his work, which was merely a starting point for what would eventually become my own style.

In 2010 I started to get to know other artists and learned things that would help me make a more personal and consistent art style. I used GIMP for more inking using a pixelated lineart style, and eventually started playing around with shading through some encouragement. By 2011, there was a day when I ran out of paper (a common problem at this time), so I would use my old tablet to draw in Flash. I got the hang of it eventually, then started to EXCLUSIVELY draw in Flash, becoming a digital artist.

In 2012, my tablet was beginning to show its age. I had not taken good care of it before, but it was also quite outdated anyway. For Christmas I was able to get a Wacom Bamboo tablet, which is what I still use now. Along with this, I had access to Paint Tool Sai, which I didn't use simply because of how hard it was to draw with my old tablet - this new one proved to be a game changer.

Since then, I've been drawing in Paint Tool Sai. It's been the biggest development in my art as the pressure sensitivity allowed me to slow my pace and be more precise, tightening up my style. Now, just about every year there's some kind of aspect to my art that I try to hone in on and say "I'm going to improve that". It's healthy to keep wanting to improve - not to be better than anyone else, but just to be better in my own eyes.

Many artists are prone to extreme criticism of their own work, which is understandable - but everyone has to start somewhere. I've learned not to be jealous of the progress of others or think that this is some kind of competition, instead I see it as a personal challenge for personal happiness, at whatever pace that I can manage.

Some want popularity, building their art around the idea of how many views they can pull in. Personally, I've always just played to the beat of my own drum, and if that makes others happy then that's just a bonus. A lot of what I do is a self-indulgent hobby that I recognize is just a hobby.

At most, when it comes to original content, like a story… I just want my voice to be heard. I want to put what I like out there in the open, and just be recognized for my efforts. But even then, the main priority should always be to make myself happy.

I'm not a perfect person. I have personality flaws, and I've made my share of mistakes. But I strive to be happy with my art and not become a self-loathing type. I want people to see that artists can love themselves and love what they draw.

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