I'm a guy who goes by Malunis on the internet. I make things as a hobby. Drawing, writing, video editing - at the end of the day, I'm just some guy who likes do things in various forms of media. You can learn more about my art history here.

I'm a copy editor for the Tokusatsu Network, a news site that covers all forms of tokusatsu news.

I'm also one of the co-hosts of the SO-DO Pop Podcast on YouTube, covering that specific niche of candy toy action figures in tokusatsu.

This is a site that doesn't have a clear purpose, but it's certainly a good place to dump some links.

As linked above in the link bar, I do art commissions. You can also support me on Ko-Fi.



  • DeviantArt - Where you can find many tokusatsu things.
  • Pixiv - Highlights of the kind of stuff I post to DeviantArt.
  • Newgrounds - Art that isn't tokusatsu related. Content may be 18+.

Social Media

  • Main Twitter - Rambles and commentary, generally positive vibes, etc.
  • 18+ Art Twitter - A place for art that isn't tokusatsu, and is for adults only.

Other Places of Interest

  • Wordpress - A place to talk about anything on my mind.
  • YouTube - Casual dumping ground of Let's Plays, art recordings, and voice acting. Or something. I'm not really a proper YouTuber.
  • SO-DO Pop - Tokusatsu podcast with a specific toy niche. I am one of the co-hosts.
  • SO-DO Shack - A Shapeways shop for 3D printed goods. I provide a download file under each product description if you have your own printer!
  • Redbubble - A place for t-shirts and other such merch with Kamen Rider designs.

Due to policy changes with Tumblr in December 2018, I dropped out of supporting the site. There was an intent to dust these off in late 2020 but I had a lot of things change for me in 2021 that left me without time for it.

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