KO Micromaster List

Mostly for my own use. These are Micromaster Transformers knockoff I got from SirToys. The two categories are based on the Micromaster listing and Oversized Micromaster listing, but some may not actually be Micromasters. I'll specify when they aren't Micromasters.



Based on Big Shot, with a radar added onto it.


Tried my best to go through all the trucks I could find, and I simply could not find a match. It might be altered from a different vehicle?


This one is weird. The car itself isn’t quite like any of them, but the torso of the robot suggests it’s Stakeout. The gun on top is inexplicably identical to the one on Growl.


Seems to be based on San Diego, just simplified.


This appears to be based on Raker but has a heavily simplified lower body, if that’s the case.


Not yet identified.


Not yet identified. Its shins aren't designed well so the legs can't stand straight.


Based on Big Shot, with a radar added onto it.

Oversized Micromaster


Identical to Legends class Blackout from the first live action movie, no real change. Well, maybe it’s larger, I dunno - it’s about the same size as the second movie Legends I had.


Basically an upscaled Flak with a movie Optimus Prime head.


A tank with the same plastic colors as the above figure. The closest match I could find is Bombshock, just from the tank shape, the details on the legs and how short the arms are. But the rest feels heavily altered/simplified, and of course upscaled.


Seems to be based on San Diego, just simplified and upscaled.


Not yet identified. Arm transformation feels like a Mini-Con thing rather than a Micromaster.

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